Happy holidays from Scott :)

If anyone hasnt noticed that I have taken a break from posting to the blog, It was because of a number of things, but mostly because I am quite busy and I do all of this for free. I have been writing and getting some ideas together for a better fitness site. It is hard to keep up with all of the things when I am a one person crew on the site.

I have a few extra minutes this morning and thought about how the tradition of thanksgiving effects us as we progress thru the holidays for the next six weeks. Six weeks is enough to make an impact on your physique. You could make a decision to do a few things today, tomorrow and the next day, so that by new years you are well on your way to a lean body, rather than bloated and overwhelmed and making ‘resolutions’ on new years day to change, with only 90 days to spring.

There is no reason why you can not enjoy normal food, wine, and trsappings from family and friends. All you have to do is remember a few points:

  • Moderation. even a little restraint: If you LOVE these deserts, decide which one is worth your while- and just take a taste. Even just a half of a piece of cheesecake, rather than the whole pie. If you think about what this stuff is made of, do you really want to challenge your body to digest this, when it will not be nutritious and not feed your lean physique?
  • consideration. if you understand the food groups, then you know that you do not need double and triple carbs- such as stuffing and potatoes and bread and .. and… and… and… Portion is everything. if you want to have both, then just cut your portion size down so instead of 6 oz of each, try 3oz instead. Remember that more smaller portions thru the day are better for your metabolism than giant meals which spike your insulin and toll your digestive system.
  • look for your protien. Turkey is an awesome source of clean protein! but spare eating the skin and fat. don’t skip on the protein!
  • cut out fats… obvious, like taking in excessive carbs, with the extra portions comes the extra fatty toppings- forgo the butter, and if you are preparing your meals, remember, that if you remove the fat before you cook it will not melt into your food. If you are not cooking, just watch out for the marshmallo topping on the sweet potatoes and the melted butter on your bread and stuffing. I know a lot of my friends do not understand this lifestyle, the conscious decision about every thing you put into your body. Every little choice adds up and you must be diligent about it, always. Just remind them that it isn’t that you don’t care that they made it ( sorry mom ) but that you just prefer it that way. You may even influence them when they see your clear skin, bright eyes, and poppin’ bod to listen to what you are telling them about your lifestyle.
  • STAY ON YOUR WORKOUT! If you are finding a way to get your heart pumping, weather you go for a impromptu run, bike ride, hike or even a 15 minute push up-pull up drill … or hit the gym. If you are keeping up with your work out, you can eat pretty much whatever you want and enjoy it, you earned it. The boost in calories and carbs can swell your muscles out. You do not have to skip Today or any day, as you don’t want to wait for your results, do you? why wait until new years? make the changes that you want today and get the body you want, no new years resolution needed if you resolve to eat right and exercise today.


There have been some real changes happening to BodyRock.tv, if you have not heard or seen. I am in full support of the changes, but this is for another post, and has had over half a million comments on the bodyrock blog. So, with all this change in the air…I hope you all enjoy a healthy holiday season. Eat good, live good, and I hope to see you soon.