The Davis Park bootcamp

hello everyone. The Davis Park bootcamp sessions are now available on Saturdays In Brandon for those of you who work all week.
If you can not make daily sessions, you can now have an invigorating midmorning session that includes tablata, crossfit, core and cardio on saturday and Sunday.
Anyone interested in these sessions needs to give me a heads up – please call me

Sunday we arrive at 930 and warm up, starting relays and challenges at 10Am to 11Am, winding down before lunch at 11:30
expect the grind. I will be inventing new challenges every time:) and bringing back the favorites!
a session like this has varied High intensity challenges that constitutes complex movements and burns fat.

Anyone  is welcome to join.Group session rates are 20 per session, 15 per 2 sessions,pre paid, add ons for existing clients will be 10, and if you are an eisting client and bring a friend, it will be 10$ for them, pre paid.

Do not let the price stop you from showing up. you still have to work out, so get your butt down here and I will give you good faith. no excuses. Spring is around the corner and there is no time to waste!

see you then! :)