royal jelly…an interesting protein

Royal Jelly – its not the same as honey. It looks like it -and usually comes available in honey, but what is this compound, exactly?  In the ever increasing world market it can be hard to differentiate the brands and origins of the many products available. After some quick research, I have found the most interesting facts about royalactin, or the protein found in the compound “royal jelly” where it comes from and its composition.

In holistic healing circles & alternative medicine folklore, royal jelly is believed to have anti aging properties (stemming primarily from its amino acid content) and  its broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals. Its reputation for providing fertility and libido assistance is gaining traction, tho there is little  clinical research to support this. Royal jelly is also used topically as a component in skin care & natural beauty products, women can smear it all over their faces after a dermabrasion for the benefits to the skin.

Fresh Royal Jelly is not a vitamin or a drug. It’s a unique and precious food substance straight from the beehive. It is not honey or pollen, but the food of the queen bee. The queen lives approximately 6 years exclusively on a diet of Fresh Royal Jelly, while the worker bees live about 6 weeks eating honey and pollen.

What do you say is the big deal? Well,  This stuff makes the queen larger than all the workers, up to 42 .6 percent larger and 60.6 percent fatter. While a worker bee lives 6 weeks, the queen lives about 6 years. Sometimes farmers who harvest the manna remove the queen after 5 years in order to keep the hives going stronger. It is known that the women in egypt used this on their skin, and that it was used as a tincture to preserve the dead.

In a more modern study, when given to fruit flies, they too responded to a diet of royal jelly. So- how is it being used today?

Cultivation and Delivery of the product

This comes from bee hives. Harvesters have to gather the stuff from the hive.

Royal Jelly is offered in one of two ways. In its pure, natural state it is like a thick milky substance.  This form is very unstable and it must be frozen or refrigerated in order to preserve it. The second form of Royal Jelly is an extract (powder or liquid form).  The powder extract is by far the most popular and is what capsules contain.  There are two methods of achieving a powdered extract, (1) Freeze-dried or (2) Spray-dried.  Freeze-drying the Royal Jelly cost more to manufacture but it is also the best way because no food preservatives have to be added.  Freeze Drying the Royal Jelly removes all the moisture content and contrary to what some Royal Jelly providers say, NO nutritional value is lost in this process. However, the spray dry process requires that a preservative be added to it and that honey alone is not a stable preservative.

I found it online in prices ranging from 8$ to 25$ for different forms. Some more thorough  investigation was required. A local shop offered a form of royal jelly that was much like honey in a container and said it was “tested for 10-HDA”

It tastes sweet and mellow and doesn’t show any form of crystallization. I wonder how you can test the potency of something like this.


According to research, royal jelly is a honey bee secretion that is used in the nutrition of larvae and adult queens. It is secreted from the glands in the hypopharynx of worker bees, and fed to all larvae in the colony. When worker bees decide to make a new queen, either because the old one is weakening, or was killed, they choose several small larvae and feed them with copious amounts of royal jelly in specially constructed queen cells. This type of feeding triggers the development of queen morphology, including the fully developed ovaries needed to lay eggs. [wiki]

Royal jelly is secreted from the glands in the heads of worker bees, and is fed to all bee larvae, whether they are destined to become drones (males), workers (sterile females) or queens (fertile females). After three days, the drone and worker larvae are no longer fed with royal jelly, but queen larvae continue to be fed this special substance throughout their development. It is harvested by humans by stimulating colonies with movable frame hives to produce queen bees. Royal jelly is collected from each individual queen cell (honeycomb) when the queen larvae are about four days old. It is collected from queen cells because these are the only cells in which large amounts are deposited; when royal jelly is fed to worker larvae, it is fed directly to them, and they consume it as it is produced, while the cells of queen larvae are “stocked” with royal jelly much faster than the larvae can consume it. Therefore, only in queen cells is the harvest of royal jelly practical. A well-managed hive during a season of 5–6 months can produce approximately 500 g of royal jelly. Since the product is perishable, producers must have immediate access to proper cold storage (e.g., a household refrigerator or freezer) in which the royal jelly is stored until it is sold or conveyed to a collection centre. Sometimes honey or beeswax are added to the royal jelly, which is thought to aid its preservation, but a food preservative is required. {these hyperlinks take you directly to the wikipedia definition of the vitamin compounds}

Royal jelly is collected and sold as a dietary supplement for humans, claiming various health benefits because of components such as B-complex vitamins such as pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) and vitamin B6 (pyridoxine). The overall composition of royal jelly is 67% water, 12.5% crude protein, including small amounts of many different amino acids, and 11% simple sugars (monosaccharides), also including a relatively high amount (5%) of fatty acids. It also contains many trace minerals, some enzymes, antibacterial and antibiotic components, and trace amounts of vitamin C, but none of the fat-soluble vitamins, A, D, E and K.


The component of royal jelly that causes a bee to develop into a queen appears to be a single protein that has been called royalactin. It is worth noting that jelly which had been rendered inactive by prolonged storage had a fresh addition of each of the components subject to decay and was fed to bees; only jelly laced with royalactin caused the larvae to become queens. Royalactin also induces similar phenotypical change in the fruitfly (Drosophila melanogaster), marked by increased body size and ovary development.

pullquote”The queen/worker developmental divide is controlled epigenetically by differential feeding with royal jelly; this appears to be due specifically to the protein royalactin. A female larva destined to become a queen is fed large quantities of royal jelly; this triggers a cascade of molecular events resulting in development into a queen. It has been shown that this phenomenon is mediated by an epigenetic modification of DNA known as CpG methylation.

…this is some really interesting stuff as we know what methylation can do within human cells.


if you have had any experience with this I would like to hear about it. As far as I am concerned, how could you go wrong?

References Wiki,, and , for information about the royalactin and harvesting; Chucks food store in Brandon for the 11oz royal Jelly 30,000 for   $21 and my client who asked the question about it~ I truly have not heard or tried this and It sure is interesting:)

to your health…Scott


Happy holidays from Scott :)

If anyone hasnt noticed that I have taken a break from posting to the blog, It was because of a number of things, but mostly because I am quite busy and I do all of this for free. I have been writing and getting some ideas together for a better fitness site. It is hard to keep up with all of the things when I am a one person crew on the site.

I have a few extra minutes this morning and thought about how the tradition of thanksgiving effects us as we progress thru the holidays for the next six weeks. Six weeks is enough to make an impact on your physique. You could make a decision to do a few things today, tomorrow and the next day, so that by new years you are well on your way to a lean body, rather than bloated and overwhelmed and making ‘resolutions’ on new years day to change, with only 90 days to spring.

There is no reason why you can not enjoy normal food, wine, and trsappings from family and friends. All you have to do is remember a few points:

  • Moderation. even a little restraint: If you LOVE these deserts, decide which one is worth your while- and just take a taste. Even just a half of a piece of cheesecake, rather than the whole pie. If you think about what this stuff is made of, do you really want to challenge your body to digest this, when it will not be nutritious and not feed your lean physique?
  • consideration. if you understand the food groups, then you know that you do not need double and triple carbs- such as stuffing and potatoes and bread and .. and… and… and… Portion is everything. if you want to have both, then just cut your portion size down so instead of 6 oz of each, try 3oz instead. Remember that more smaller portions thru the day are better for your metabolism than giant meals which spike your insulin and toll your digestive system.
  • look for your protien. Turkey is an awesome source of clean protein! but spare eating the skin and fat. don’t skip on the protein!
  • cut out fats… obvious, like taking in excessive carbs, with the extra portions comes the extra fatty toppings- forgo the butter, and if you are preparing your meals, remember, that if you remove the fat before you cook it will not melt into your food. If you are not cooking, just watch out for the marshmallo topping on the sweet potatoes and the melted butter on your bread and stuffing. I know a lot of my friends do not understand this lifestyle, the conscious decision about every thing you put into your body. Every little choice adds up and you must be diligent about it, always. Just remind them that it isn’t that you don’t care that they made it ( sorry mom ) but that you just prefer it that way. You may even influence them when they see your clear skin, bright eyes, and poppin’ bod to listen to what you are telling them about your lifestyle.
  • STAY ON YOUR WORKOUT! If you are finding a way to get your heart pumping, weather you go for a impromptu run, bike ride, hike or even a 15 minute push up-pull up drill … or hit the gym. If you are keeping up with your work out, you can eat pretty much whatever you want and enjoy it, you earned it. The boost in calories and carbs can swell your muscles out. You do not have to skip Today or any day, as you don’t want to wait for your results, do you? why wait until new years? make the changes that you want today and get the body you want, no new years resolution needed if you resolve to eat right and exercise today.


There have been some real changes happening to, if you have not heard or seen. I am in full support of the changes, but this is for another post, and has had over half a million comments on the bodyrock blog. So, with all this change in the air…I hope you all enjoy a healthy holiday season. Eat good, live good, and I hope to see you soon.


Hot stuff for you -turn up the fat burning with these hotties

its true.


Its because of something called “thermogenesis“.

In Britain, researchers added just 3/5 of a teaspoon of hot chili sauce or regular mustard to a meal and the results surprised them. Metabolism spiked by 25%, burning an additional 45 calories (some subjects burned over 75 calories) for 180 minutes (3 hours) after the meal.

•Salsa was shown to stimulate the metabolism by approximately 15% to 20%.Researchers are looking at ginger, too. Animal studies have found that dry and fresh ginger extracts (specifically the component gingerol) have been shown to boost energy use by nearly 20%.

I always loved Peppers. They not only seemed to help my breathing but also invigorated me. After a little while your brain gets use to the intensity and you can actually tell subtle differences in character and flavor. I have seen studies where it was discussed that  there is basically a reward center in the brain for the sensation of injestin’ a hot chili pepper , much like the endorphins you get from an intense burst of activity … but now theres’ more,  this actual hot stuff  can speed up your internal inferno and help you burn more calories with a chemical reaction within your body called thermogenesis. Take advantage my readers.

and NO that does not mean that you can have the chicken wings because they are extra hot, Joe -sorry. You must remain diligent about not putting fat into your body in the first place, getting regular nutrition and exercise and rest is your best defense, but every small bit you do counts.

Research was performed by the Oxford Polytechnic Institute in Britain.


  • summary: Green Chilies are high in Vitamin A & C;
  • Chili peppers fight migraine headaches, also;
  • Prevent sinusitis and relieve congestion
  • Chili peppers fight cancer
  • Helps lower high blood pressure
  • Fights inflammation
  • Can help soothe intestinal disorders
  • Thermogenesis helps you burn fat, use energy in metabolism and lose weight
  • protect your heart
  • warm your feet. and your chest :)
  • and make other people think your amazing. ( ok, I made that up )




a little about eating… part one

The most successful dieters have a high speed of implementation. In other words, they take action faster than the average guy. Sort of. I want to elaborate a little. It’s the quality of your diet that can make the significant difference, next is consistency,and finally, aside from all the hype diets and fads, it boils down to taking in less calories than you burn will result in weight loss.

Thats why you want to have a trainer to help you understand what your basal metabolic rate is, based on your body fat analysis, your own number, and to work with that as a foundation to your understanding of lean body weight.

I will discuss how being leaner ( having more lean muscle mass vs. fat in your body composition) increases your metabolism and has other effects on your health and what that is as we progress.

but for now, here are some ideas for getting your “diet”  in shape that you can begin right now:

1. Start writing down what you eat: Simply estimating caloric intakes is not accurate enough. As a bare minimum you need to spend at least 1 week tracking what you eat. This will show you exactly how many maintenance calories you need.

It also makes you realize what your actually eating, and when. This is a simple exercise that makes you accountable- and can understand your current habits in a better perspective.

2. Beef up breakfast: A small piece of toast and a huge coffee don’t count as breakfast. Breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day for you, unless your strength training with iron, then your post workout meal will be considerable , too. If it’s not, you will hinder the efficient metabolic enhancement that eating brings. Smaller portions, more often, kick up your digestive system, in effect burns more calories. Not eating tells the body to hoard calories. Breakfast provides relief to the muscles starving overnight and fuel for the day, nutrients for proper brain function, and it is delicious!

3. Stop drinking wasted calories: Liquid calories (like sodas,READ: especially DIET, cool aid, etc.) are the worst thing you can put into your body. Not only are they a significant source of empty calories, but they also spike levels of insulin. Even worse, they promote tooth decay. And because they are liquid, They DO NOT COUNT for your need for water. The bodys kidneys must metabolize these and the water part of them is lost. you need 64 or more oz. on, average, every day. thats more than the 8 glasses of water adage. drink more water. I love coffee. but still, sodas are out. is it worth the calories? its one of the easiest things to cut out!

4. Optimize circadian rhythms: This is a very powerful technique for increasing energy while simultaneously maximizing the output of fat burning hormones. Interestingly, even individual organs follow their own rhythms. One way to begin optimization is by eating at regular times every day.the muscles heal at night, and other key functions. sleep is underestimated. make sure you get regular rest to recoup strength for your workouts.

5. Eliminate processed food: Especially fast food because this type of food will make you balloon up faster than you can imagine. Its the fats. If your like me and sometimes are faced with no option, you need to know what to avoid on the menu. deep fried-out. breaded- out. go for the grilled. eliminate the mayonnaise, butter, and other unnecessary fats. pennies make nickels that make dimes that make dollars, and  if you add up what your not putting into your body, thats less you have to burn! So Don’t put it into your body in the first place!

6. Bring your own food to the rat race:  do not assume that the food at your office is healthy, and don’t let others make nutritional choices for you.The average  American is brainwashed and unaware when it comes to the topic of what exactly is healthy. You are the person that cares most about your health. So start bringing your own home cooked food to work. get use to it. its part of your new lifestyle. besides, your vintage lunchbox is cool.

7. Go with vegetables & fruits : I’ve never heard of someone getting sick from eating too many vegetables. go to your farmers market. Look at some of my recipes for ways to make smoothies. If you have a sweet tooth, after a week or so of getting the processed and refined sugars out of your mouth, the natural sugars in fruits will be an ambrosia to your taste buds.You will see what I mean, give it a little time, after all your hard work on the gym floor, you will want to reward your body with nutritious food, not starve it, and your body will reward you in return. your senses await you. trust me.

See you soon