Hot stuff for you -turn up the fat burning with these hotties

its true.


Its because of something called “thermogenesis“.

In Britain, researchers added just 3/5 of a teaspoon of hot chili sauce or regular mustard to a meal and the results surprised them. Metabolism spiked by 25%, burning an additional 45 calories (some subjects burned over 75 calories) for 180 minutes (3 hours) after the meal.

•Salsa was shown to stimulate the metabolism by approximately 15% to 20%.Researchers are looking at ginger, too. Animal studies have found that dry and fresh ginger extracts (specifically the component gingerol) have been shown to boost energy use by nearly 20%.

I always loved Peppers. They not only seemed to help my breathing but also invigorated me. After a little while your brain gets use to the intensity and you can actually tell subtle differences in character and flavor. I have seen studies where it was discussed that  there is basically a reward center in the brain for the sensation of injestin’ a hot chili pepper , much like the endorphins you get from an intense burst of activity … but now theres’ more,  this actual hot stuff  can speed up your internal inferno and help you burn more calories with a chemical reaction within your body called thermogenesis. Take advantage my readers.

and NO that does not mean that you can have the chicken wings because they are extra hot, Joe -sorry. You must remain diligent about not putting fat into your body in the first place, getting regular nutrition and exercise and rest is your best defense, but every small bit you do counts.

Research was performed by the Oxford Polytechnic Institute in Britain.


  • summary: Green Chilies are high in Vitamin A & C;
  • Chili peppers fight migraine headaches, also;
  • Prevent sinusitis and relieve congestion
  • Chili peppers fight cancer
  • Helps lower high blood pressure
  • Fights inflammation
  • Can help soothe intestinal disorders
  • Thermogenesis helps you burn fat, use energy in metabolism and lose weight
  • protect your heart
  • warm your feet. and your chest :)
  • and make other people think your amazing. ( ok, I made that up )