Hot stuff for you -turn up the fat burning with these hotties

its true.


Its because of something called “thermogenesis“.

In Britain, researchers added just 3/5 of a teaspoon of hot chili sauce or regular mustard to a meal and the results surprised them. Metabolism spiked by 25%, burning an additional 45 calories (some subjects burned over 75 calories) for 180 minutes (3 hours) after the meal.

•Salsa was shown to stimulate the metabolism by approximately 15% to 20%.Researchers are looking at ginger, too. Animal studies have found that dry and fresh ginger extracts (specifically the component gingerol) have been shown to boost energy use by nearly 20%.

I always loved Peppers. They not only seemed to help my breathing but also invigorated me. After a little while your brain gets use to the intensity and you can actually tell subtle differences in character and flavor. I have seen studies where it was discussed that  there is basically a reward center in the brain for the sensation of injestin’ a hot chili pepper , much like the endorphins you get from an intense burst of activity … but now theres’ more,  this actual hot stuff  can speed up your internal inferno and help you burn more calories with a chemical reaction within your body called thermogenesis. Take advantage my readers.

and NO that does not mean that you can have the chicken wings because they are extra hot, Joe -sorry. You must remain diligent about not putting fat into your body in the first place, getting regular nutrition and exercise and rest is your best defense, but every small bit you do counts.

Research was performed by the Oxford Polytechnic Institute in Britain.


  • summary: Green Chilies are high in Vitamin A & C;
  • Chili peppers fight migraine headaches, also;
  • Prevent sinusitis and relieve congestion
  • Chili peppers fight cancer
  • Helps lower high blood pressure
  • Fights inflammation
  • Can help soothe intestinal disorders
  • Thermogenesis helps you burn fat, use energy in metabolism and lose weight
  • protect your heart
  • warm your feet. and your chest :)
  • and make other people think your amazing. ( ok, I made that up )




a little about eating… part one

The most successful dieters have a high speed of implementation. In other words, they take action faster than the average guy. Sort of. I want to elaborate a little. It’s the quality of your diet that can make the significant difference, next is consistency,and finally, aside from all the hype diets and fads, it boils down to taking in less calories than you burn will result in weight loss.

Thats why you want to have a trainer to help you understand what your basal metabolic rate is, based on your body fat analysis, your own number, and to work with that as a foundation to your understanding of lean body weight.

I will discuss how being leaner ( having more lean muscle mass vs. fat in your body composition) increases your metabolism and has other effects on your health and what that is as we progress.

but for now, here are some ideas for getting your “diet”  in shape that you can begin right now:

1. Start writing down what you eat: Simply estimating caloric intakes is not accurate enough. As a bare minimum you need to spend at least 1 week tracking what you eat. This will show you exactly how many maintenance calories you need.

It also makes you realize what your actually eating, and when. This is a simple exercise that makes you accountable- and can understand your current habits in a better perspective.

2. Beef up breakfast: A small piece of toast and a huge coffee don’t count as breakfast. Breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day for you, unless your strength training with iron, then your post workout meal will be considerable , too. If it’s not, you will hinder the efficient metabolic enhancement that eating brings. Smaller portions, more often, kick up your digestive system, in effect burns more calories. Not eating tells the body to hoard calories. Breakfast provides relief to the muscles starving overnight and fuel for the day, nutrients for proper brain function, and it is delicious!

3. Stop drinking wasted calories: Liquid calories (like sodas,READ: especially DIET, cool aid, etc.) are the worst thing you can put into your body. Not only are they a significant source of empty calories, but they also spike levels of insulin. Even worse, they promote tooth decay. And because they are liquid, They DO NOT COUNT for your need for water. The bodys kidneys must metabolize these and the water part of them is lost. you need 64 or more oz. on, average, every day. thats more than the 8 glasses of water adage. drink more water. I love coffee. but still, sodas are out. is it worth the calories? its one of the easiest things to cut out!

4. Optimize circadian rhythms: This is a very powerful technique for increasing energy while simultaneously maximizing the output of fat burning hormones. Interestingly, even individual organs follow their own rhythms. One way to begin optimization is by eating at regular times every day.the muscles heal at night, and other key functions. sleep is underestimated. make sure you get regular rest to recoup strength for your workouts.

5. Eliminate processed food: Especially fast food because this type of food will make you balloon up faster than you can imagine. Its the fats. If your like me and sometimes are faced with no option, you need to know what to avoid on the menu. deep fried-out. breaded- out. go for the grilled. eliminate the mayonnaise, butter, and other unnecessary fats. pennies make nickels that make dimes that make dollars, and  if you add up what your not putting into your body, thats less you have to burn! So Don’t put it into your body in the first place!

6. Bring your own food to the rat race:  do not assume that the food at your office is healthy, and don’t let others make nutritional choices for you.The average  American is brainwashed and unaware when it comes to the topic of what exactly is healthy. You are the person that cares most about your health. So start bringing your own home cooked food to work. get use to it. its part of your new lifestyle. besides, your vintage lunchbox is cool.

7. Go with vegetables & fruits : I’ve never heard of someone getting sick from eating too many vegetables. go to your farmers market. Look at some of my recipes for ways to make smoothies. If you have a sweet tooth, after a week or so of getting the processed and refined sugars out of your mouth, the natural sugars in fruits will be an ambrosia to your taste buds.You will see what I mean, give it a little time, after all your hard work on the gym floor, you will want to reward your body with nutritious food, not starve it, and your body will reward you in return. your senses await you. trust me.

See you soon