tribute to Joe Weider, visionary and leader

Arnold&JoeI remember how seeing these magazines in the 80’s- It influenced my vision and actually, gave me the only vision into the world of muscular fitness that I had ever seen. From there to all that we have today, everyone in the fitness business, owes some respect to Joe Weider for his vision and contribution. His passion created a legacy. It helped a lot of people, and when people get better, we collectively improve. I am not an expert on Joe Weider, but I do know that he deserves a decent tribute and with anything worth looking at, will take some study and consideration to absorb the years of development and contribution that was made…
Earlier this year we also lost another great, Robert Kennedy, who was also a visionary who created the best in fitness photography as far as I am concerned; He did not re invent the wheel, he just had a way of putting it together that was different, visual and edgy. As the time passes I hope that in this spirit we can continue the good work that these men began. It is in fact the spirit behind making your own publication such as a blog like this one.
In the name of self improvement may you lead by example, support each other out there, celebrate each day we have together, and know that its always worth working for improvement. Perhaps in the days to come I will discuss some of the basic Weider principals and how these apply even today in and out of the varied world of workout science. For me it was always these principals that ignited my interest so many years ago and still linger in my core beliefs as a trainer, and as a person.
Thank you Joe Weider and Robert Kennedy. I will improve my blog I promise.

 “Bodybuilding is about changing for the better, not just growing enormous.  Once you decide to change yourself for the better, you can make everything in the world better.” & Joe